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3D Knee MOdel.

This project was created at the request of the Co-Director of the Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation and the Director of the Clinical Skills Center. A need was identified for a resource that supports the Dundee medical students learning of the knee examination technique. This technique requires a good understanding of the anatomical structures of the knee, so the brief for this project was to generate a digital 3D knee model that the students can use in the clinical skills centre alongside their standard learning of the technique. The model was created in Zbrush and uploaded to Sketchfab so that it could be visualised using virtual reality headsets in the clinical skills centre. Annotations were also added on Sketchfab to highlight key anatomy.

Click here to see the model on Sketchfab.

Stills of the model were rendered out using Keyshot and can be seen below. Some preparatory drawings are also seen below.

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